Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Man Am I Frustrated!!!!


Mr. Kilpatrick(Sean) here. I just had some things on my mind. I dont know how many thoughts, or what exactly I am going to type here in this blog, but Im very annoyed. Well at this time, I just feel the need to rant!!! I am an avid watcher and big fan of GLENN BECK!! I dont care if you agree with him and what his views are,or whether you like him/hate him, thats my dood. Anyway, I was watching todays show(on Fox tv ch. 360 @ 2pm and 11pm). He was covering the rediculous things going on in the economy Nation wide, and even here in California. As the show was going on I was doing some deep thinking myself, and what came to mind was...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!!!!! There is alot of shady selfish crap going on, in our government, and it supposidly is all in the name of Helping the citizens of the United States. No it's not!!! The ding bats handling the California budget think it's a good idea to withhold an additional 10% of the money that hard working individuals make, to help close the horrific budget defecit. Our Gover-nator thinks that instead of limiting the privledges and benefits in the prisons(tv, internet, better health care then some law abiding citizens, and even coffee machines) that inmates get, that we should shorten prison terms. Are you for real!?!??!?

The President and those in charge of our U.S. financial decisions, feel so strongly that we must BAILOUT failing corporations. I got news for anyone that voted for Obama because he was gonna help them out. And I got news for those who voted for him and claim to be so for the little guy and hates big evil Corporations for their greediness...Obama bailed out those EVIL Corporations with Billions of our tax dollars...what did Obama do for you??? Sure some might say, he extended un-employment benefits. Really, thats cool, but do you have a job yet??? Maybe you just like getting a free check in the mail. Oh and about that free aint really FREE. The money for that check, comes from hard working Americans that actually have jobs and pay their taxes(unlike Congressman Charlie Rangel or Obama's Tresury Secretary Tim Gietner who forget to file/pay their taxes).

There are so many people that are so eager to jump on and support a government program or option if they are told it's free. Let me tell you something, anything that you are told is coming from the Government or that the Government claims is FREE, is NOT really FREE!!!! The money to cover that so called FREE option, program, or hand out or HAHA bailout(oh yeah and Free government run health care) or whatever, must come from some where. Can you guess where it comes from most of the time??? If you said TAXPAYERS, you are correct. According to ABC news, as well as yes Glenn Beck, the Cash For Clunkers program resulted in an estimated $24,000 bill per new vehicle to the American tax payer???

There are so many issues I can speak on. I really can. But it's 10:50pm and I have a job to go to in the morning to go EARN my income. I dont have any FREE checks coming to me, and my employer aint gonna pay me for doing nothing. But I just wanted to make my feelings known to who ever will partake. I may be wrong on some issues, but Im a pretty open minded, common sense, logic driven type of person, that cares about my future and the well being of my family. There are those that will call me stupid and crazy for liking and listening to Glenn Beck. But for those that maybe riding the fence on if the man is for real, I strongly urge you to watch him. Watch him for like a week straight at least. And if you dont think he makes sence, or you really think you can prove his theories to be incorrect, then you really need to open your eyes, cause the situation in our country Sucks!! It could be worse yes, but it really sucks right now. For anyone that feels Obama and his administration are helping our country, I challenge you to explain it to yourself out loud, and see if you dont sound like a complete idiot.

I hope this blog has helped anyone that feels alone in their frustration. If this blog offended anyone, then you need to humble yourself and use this moment to start realizing that im not attacking you but attacking your thinking that the more government involvment we have in our lives, the more we as a people are actually limited from true progression, and happiness.

Thank you for reading...


The Fergy Bunch said...

Glenn Beck has hit it on the nail, and then some, every time - our Government fears people like him because they speak the truth and help keep us aware of what they are doing.

Our so called "Governor" has been withholding much need water from our farmers here in Bakersfield/Kern County all because of a stupid little FISH. Our Farmers are forced to sell their lands, dry up crops, and let go some really hardworking people. Generations of hard work have gone down the tubes because some wackos believe the life of a fish is more important that the lives of people. Our Governor has the power to change all that BUT he would rather declare May 22 as Harvey Milk Day!!!

It's too bad you and Sierra couldn't have been here for the Tea Party Express Rally that was here in Bakersfield. They were doing their second tour and stopped by here - it was awesome to be apart of such an important event. Even though the media, and the Government, continue to ignore us we know we were there and we the people - at least the ones with brains enough to think on our own - will continue to fight the Government to take back what is rightfully ours - our FREEDOM.

People are choosing to be blinded by Obama, they refuse to see the that he is the devils advocate and that he has no love for this country or the people. He is out to destroy us all and he will succeed if we continue to allow him to.

Check out the Tea Party Express blog, it's amazing to see the amount of people that turned out to each event -

Thanks for sharing your frustration - it's REALLY important that we not keep silent for fear of offending others - now more than ever we need to rally together and bring to light the truths about our Government and their lies and those who get offend chose to be. Obviously I'm not one who got offended by your post! LOL =)

Olia said...

You are not the only one who is frustrated, Sean. Everyone wonders what is wrong with people in the government these days, I haven't heard for a while about cap-and-trade bill, hopefully it did not go through. Obviously we've been taken over by some wacko enviromental communists, who never were taught any rational thinking. If they are so desperate to save environment by taxing people and paying money for some old junky cars, why they wold not give up their tidy vehicles (that I'm sure waste tons of gas) and private jets, and big TVs, turn off their lights and live in the cave. Seriosly, we would be far better off without them...