Saturday, November 14, 2009

26 & counting

Today is Seans 26th birthday! He finally caught up to me(i'm 2 1/2 months older). In honor of the man I love so dearly, I came up with 26 reasons why I love him so much and what makes him so great!(in no particular order.) (And I stole this from him.)
1. He is INCREDIBLY good looking.
2. He doesn't realize how good looking he is.
3. He has such a kind heart.
4. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.
5. He can be anyones friend.
6. He is quite the comedian.
7. He makes me laugh everyday.
8. He makes his group Color Free all that much better just because he is in it.(You can now buy their music on itunes!!)
9. He is great at writing lyrics and putting his thoughts and emotions down on paper.
10. He has a strong testimony of the love of Jesus Christ.
11. He is an worthy priesthood holder.
12. He loves me with such a passion.
13. He tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful, every single day.
14. He can't wait to be a daddy.
15. He is a great uncle and loves his nieces and nephews so much.
16. He loves his and my families.
17. He wants to take care of me and our future children.
18. He has a great taste in music.
19. He can change the oil in our cars!
20. He loves to go shopping.
21. He fulfills his callings in church.
22. He always tells me the truth, even if it means I'll be mad.
23. He loves the Lakers.
24. He would do anything to make me happy.
25. He is so humble about how wonderful he is.
26. He married me still, even though I'm sick all the time! =)

Thank you Sean for being on the path you were on, that led you to me. Life wouldn't be as fun if you were not in it. You have shown me the greatest kind of love. Thank you baby for being you and for loving me! I love you and Happy Birthday!!

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