Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funny memory

When Sean and I were taking pictures after our sealing this last November, we really wanted pictures on the huge grass lawn in front of the temple. As we started to take pictures there, we noticed something really funny behind our photographer. This Jack in the Box billboard. This is the only billboard that was facing the temple. We saw it and just started laughing. How funny is that. I came across this today and started to laugh again. But hey....at least it was this one and not some raunchy billboard. And it will be a funny memory.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crazy computer and a TAG

I don't know what happened...but all of a sudden I can now upload pictures again. But now my camara won't upload pictures to my computer!! I don't know what is going on...but in the mean time...my sister in law tagged me so.....

Ok, this is fun...

Go to the document setting/my pictures on your computer
Choose your 6th file
Choose your 6th picture
Blog about it
Tag 6 people

I took this picture of Sean and Boss at a poppy field near our house last year.

I tag


Stupid Blogger!!

So, I can't upload any more pictures because it says I don't have enough space left and need to buy more space. Yet, when I go look how much space I'm currently using, it says, "you are currently using 0.04 GB or your 1 GB." So, I haven't maxed out yet, but it still wants me to buy more storage! Has anyone had this problem before because I'm getting very frustrated and I have pictures I want to post! Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Speaking of Marriage....

Since I'm already on the topic of marriage....on our sealing day, one of our best friends, Kenny, took some great pictures of us at the Temple. I never posted any, but I wanted to share one that I really love. Sean and I love Kenny and Laura so much and we were so happy to have them there to share our special day. This one picture describes us all to a tee! I think it's so funny...the only thing that is missing is Laura!! Since she was taking the picture...so she gets a picture all to her self!

This is one of my favorites. Yes we are all a little crazy, but thats why I love em!

Ode to Laura

My little bro....all grown up!

This last Saturday, we had a little celebration for my little brother Elden and his new wife, Chantell. They were married on Oct. 29th 2008 in New Mexico. We had a little party for them to celebrate and just invited some family over and a few close friends. It was fun and I'm so happy to have another sister in law.

Uncle Sean playing with the kids

My cousins Rebecca and Elizabeth came from Ridgecrest.

The beautiful couple.

Nina and Anthony sure do love each other!

These 2 were the stars the whole night!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keep em comin!

I found out today that my sister in law Olia is having another girl! I'm so excited! I would have loved a little boy too but I just think it will be so fun for Nina to have a little sister that she can "dress up" and be a "mommy" to! I can't wait to see this new little girl and give her lots of hugs and kisses like I do Nina.

Also, Elden, my little brother, got married last October. His wife, Chantell, has a little boy named Anthony, who is 4. He really is a doll! So, we have a nephew as well. And Chantell is also pregnant! Can you believe it?! Elden is going to be a dad! That's so weird to me! Haha. But I'm just excited to keep getting all these nieces and nephews. Bring em on!!