Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know we did. We went down to Valencia Christmas Eve and spent the evening with Seans family. We also went to a Christmas party at Jackies house. Jackie is my brother in law Ohres girlfriend. The party was a lot of fun. Lots of yummy food and socializing! We woke up Christmas morning and opened gifts at my mother in laws. Then off to our house. We have never opened presents in the afternoon at our house before, but this year they waited for us and we were so grateful. It was so funny to see Nina GLUED to her new car! She did not want to leave it! It was so cute! The rest of the day was spent enjoying each others company and thinking of the true meaning of Christmas! The following day, we went to Crazy Ottos for breakfast and then Sean and I went car shopping and by 6 pm, we came home with our newest family member, a 2008 steel blue Dodge Charger! We got an AMAZING deal on it! They really wanted to get rid of it because the year is coming to an end. It had 48 miles when we drove it off the lot. We feel so blessed. We prayed about it before we bought it and went to other dealerships, and we kept feeling impressed to go back to the dodge dealership. I will post pictures in the next day or two of your new family member!

Finally getting Nina to open a gift.

Addicted to her new car.

Jackie & Sierra

Our Family!

Mr. & Mrs.

My sisters in law

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 weeks off!

So, I have 3 PAID weeks off from work! The joy of working for a school! But, since i'm usually always so busy, i'm kinda bored! Cleaning...done. School...don't start for another 2 weeks. Books...I usually read at night. Children...don't have any....YET! I suppose I could bake, but my family is tired of all the sweets around. So, the only thing left to do is blog! Im just going through random pictures and decided to post some! ENJOY!

I think i'm about 3 in this picture!

Back when I had bangs earlier in the year.

A very nice picture i took of Sean.

Precious Nina

YEEHAW!! Kristal and I in Nashville on our way to the Big Apple!


Its ok Olia....I'll never leave you!

Much Better

Me and Jakk Jakk!!

Ohre Bday party: Dec. 19th 2008

Building a ginerbread house. Dec. 2006

Back when I had black hair. Sometimes in 2003 or 2004.

What?? The boat is sinking??? Honeymoon. Nov. 2007


Studio on the cruise. Honeymoon

Back in my choir days. 2001

Apparently I'm mad about something.

Love the Dodgers!

Despite all thats happened, I still feel blessed at all the wonderful memories I have and that makes me happy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow..let it snow....

So, they have been talking about snow all week on the news, and like most of the people in So-Cal, i didn't believe it. I went to work at Highland this morning and it really started coming down. I couldn't believe it. So we waited and waited for them so cancel school. They did sorta. It was a minimum day due to finals. The bell to get out was suppose to ring at 12:11. They let us out at noon! Big whoop...11 minutes early! I was so irritated all day! Whats the point of living in the AV if you can't get out of school for a snow day?!? Luckily, all was not lost and they cancelled school for tomorrow! YAY! SO, i get a lazy day with my hubby. We will probably be indoors all day watching movies and sipping coco! Here are some pictures I took today!

Coming home from the grocery store to make some goodies!

I think i look extremely WIDE in this picture. Sean assured me it was just because I had so many layers on and my coat was open...he's so good to me! =)


I love Joshua Trees covered in snow!

Sean at the park by our house

Boss really didn't want to go outside, but when he saw the front door open, he took off out into the snow. I think he forgot!

Im just very goofy

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sealing Pictures

Sean and I finally got our sealing photos in the mail. The man who took them, Brad Smith, is in Seans old ward. He also took our wedding photos and did a great. Since he once again was taking our pictures for free, we didn't keep him too long on temple grounds. He also didn't get a chanced to edit them, which is ok with me cause I'm getting photoshop for Christmas. I tried to convince Sean to let me have it early, but he wouldn't let me! =(...And the only reason I know i'm getting it is because I was with him when he bought it. Anyways, here are some of the pictures after we got sealed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Time heals all.

It has now been a week since my miscarriage. I would have been 3 months pregnant today. It's a little sureal getting back to my "non-pregnant" life. It has been some what hard this past week. No emotional pain is even comparible to the pain I felt when I placed my birthson for adoption. Yes, I chose that life for him, but try telling your body and mind that when they are mourning for that child. This situation hasn't been as hard, but still painful. Every second since I placed my birthson, I have yearned for a child when the time was right. So, I thought this time was right, but I guess it wasn't. Heavenly Father and our Savior know what I am feeling and I have faith. I have faith that They are kind and loving and have a higher purpose for certain unfortunate events that happen. I have faith that They will bless me to carry a child to full term. Sean and I have said many times how the gospel has helped us get through this. We know time heals all and we will never forget how this situation brought us close together. I just can't wait to finally have that baby of mine that I been longing for and I can't wait to finally hold him or her in my arms.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sad News

I am very disappointed to say that I lost my baby last night. I started bleeding some at work yesterday, so they sent me home. Slowly the blood started to turn bright red. I called the doctor and they scheduled me to come in. When I finally got in, they did an ultrasound, and thats when the sad news hit. Our baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks, (i was supposed to be 11 weeks yesterday). The reality sunk in fast and I was brought to tears instantly. They did one more ultrasound on a better machine to get a better look and they said that my body was already starting to miscarriage process, so they wanted me to do it on my own, without a D & C. We were at the doctors for 3 hours and by the time we left, i was in extreme pain as the miscarriage was really starting. They gave me pain meds to ease the pain. They said as soon as the baby had passed, the bleeind and pain should subside. The baby passed at about 9:30. My wonderful husband is the one took care of the baby when he/she passed through me. It was pretty tramatizing. I thought the bleeding would stop. It did not. It got worse, along with the pain. I was bleeding pretty bad. Soaking through a pad in 5 mintues (sorry for the graphics). So, we had to go to the ER. They took me right in and found out that there was a big piece of tissue in my cervix that was stuck, causing me to bleed and have pain. So, they had to take it out. Another set of pain. Sean was so good and holding my hand. As soon as the doctor got it out, the pain went down and the bleeding. After watching me a few hours, they sent me home.

It has been very hard and difficult. After placing Jayden, I never wanted to go through something like this, but God had other plans for me. Sean and I are sad yet hopeful. We know that we will have more children and this is just a small set back. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are going through this hard time. Thanks.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going to the temple....

So, Sean and I got sealed on November 22nd, 2008 at 11:30 in the morning! It was a beautiful ceremony! The spirit was so strong. And I am so happy that our close friends and family could have been there. The funny thing was, a lot of people told me they were going to be at the sealing, and then they didn't end up coming. Sean and I both have had quit a few close loved ones pass on. I have a feeling all the empty chairs were filled by the spirits of our loved ones. After the sealing, we had a lovely but small open house and quite a few people showed up. We felted truly loved! We had pictures taken at the temple and as soon as we get them, I will post some!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anniversary and forever!

Sean and I had our 1st wedding anniversary on November 2nd. And since we are getting sealed this Saturday, November 22nd, I figured I better give an update on what happened on our anniversary. We left Friday, Halloween, to go stay with our friends Kenny and Laura, who live in Baldwin Park. We hung out and went out to eat and watched movies. It's always fun going and seeing them. We stayed there will Sunday, Nov. 2nd, and went to Newport Beach and checked into the Hyatt Regency. Ok...i will confess. We were very bad and went on Sunday. BUT!! Our anniversary isn't on a weekend again until our 5th anniversary, so we figure the Lord will forgive us! We took Monday off from work and went out to eat and just drove on the beautiful Pasific Coast Highway. It was just so lovely to get some time with my wonderful husband. When Sean and I started to get really get serious, I felt really inspired to write him a poem. I wanted to share that poem with you since we just celebrated out one year.

"When I thought all was lost.
I was so blind , I could not see
that my heart was falling to pieces.
My heart had lost it's key.
I would cry on the inside.
And smile on the out.
But that crying on the inside,
began to scream and started to shout.
I had almost given up,
then "he" came in my life.
He bagan to heal my bleeding heart.
He began to take away my strife.
He gently took the blindfold off,
that had been covering my eyes for so long.
He knew all the mistakes I'd made,
But never once did he tell me I was wrong.
Next he placed a band aide
over my bleeing heart.
And though the bleeing may never stop.
He has helped the healing start.
Heavenly Father knew I was down,
And my Angel couldn't be by my side.
The Angel I carried for nine months
was on a completely different ride.
And so He sent me you.
To take the other palce.
He knew who much I needed you
in lifes crazy race.
So thank you for being "new" Angel.
My new Angel from above.
Thank you for helping me see
that I am worth the greatest love."

As most people know, I am a birthmom to a BEAUTIFUL little boy. I met Sean at the end of my pregnancy. We started dating 2 months after I had him. He would hold me when I would cry and let me talk about him as much as possible. He even propsed to me on my birth sons first birthday. My birthson was my first Angel and now Sean is my new Angel. He helped me get through the most difficult time to my life. And he did it with kindness and love. I am so happy to be married to such an amazing man and I can't wait to have him forever on Saturday!

***sorry for all the mushiness about Sean. It's just that it's his bday and our anniversary within 2 weeks and he is just so darn wonderful so i can't help but brag!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

So, It's Sean birthday and I was on my friend Jens blog and her husbands birthday was yesterday. I thought this was so cute so I had to steal it. Here is my tribute to Sean on his birthday!

Where did you meet?
On the Internet actually! I always said that I would never meet anyone on the Internet, but apparently that's not what the Lord had in store for me. I just got this strong prompting one day to go and look for LDS guys within 50 miles of me....and there was Sean! And just by pure fate, his default picture was him in a tux at his best friends wedding! It was destiny from the beginning!

How long did you date before you got married?
9 months and engaged for 3 months.

How long have you been married?
One year!! We just had our anniversary on November 2nd! I can't believe it!

What is your favorite feature of his?
His smile and his lips!

What is your favorite quality of his?
His kindness. He is so kind to everyone and he has really taught me to have a kinder heart. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and that is such a beautiful quality!

Does he have a nickname for you?
Babe, baby, Angel face, hottness, mama......but mostly babe! =)

What is his favorite color?
He's color free!!! (you'll know what that means soon enough!) But on the real, he likes all colors.

What is his favorite food?
Mac and cheese. Bj's pizza, fish tacos, chicken burrito at Chipotle...and the list could go on forever!

What is his favorite sport?
Basketball and football! Lakers, 49ners and Dodgers!! Hooray for Laker season!!!!

When and where was your first kiss?
Our first kiss was on November 8th 2006. It was our 2nd "official" date. We had been talking since July, so we had known each other for awhile. We played this guessing game in the park. Sean made cards with little tasks on them if one of us won. I won of course!! =) The card I picked said "You get a kiss on the cheek, hand or lips." Hmmm...can you tell what Sean wanted?? So, i was a little nervous and just kind of chuckled and didn't say anything. Sean took that as I didn't like him. We then went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. He had to try once more to see if I liked him or not. So, after dinner, we walked to the car. He opened the door for me and told me he wanted to put my seat belt on me. I was thinking, "oh how cute." I look at his hand as he clicks the belt, then I turn my head back forward and there were his lips!!! He stole a kiss!!! But it was a kiss that I was willing to give. I couldn't stop smiling after that. He's never had a doubt since if I liked him or not.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
EVERYTHING! Sean is my best friend and we love doing everything as a couple.

Do you have any children?
One in the oven!

Does he have a hidden talent?
He can rap really well.

How old is he?

Who said "I love you" first?
He did!

What do you admire most about him?
The way he loves me so much. We have been married for over 365 days and almost every single one of those days, he looks at me and tells me how absolutely beautiful I am and how lucky he is. I feel so blessed to have a man like him as my husband. Heavenly Father knew exactly what kind of man I needed, and sent Sean to me. Happy Birthday Sean!! I love you!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its so sad.

I work at Highland Highschool in Palmdale Ca. As we all know, today is election day. In California, the biggest issue facing us is Prop 8. I am of course voting Yes to protect trational marriage. But as I am walking around campus today, so many kids are yelling, "vote no on prop 8!" It really saddens me how the generation in high school right now is turning out. They have no idea on the impact this will have if prop 8 doesn't pass. I tried to explain to 2 girls today that were saying same sex marriage would not be taught in schools, that it would. I probably shouldn't have interrupted their conversation, but I had to!! And I have never seen so much hate! There were about 15 or so "Yes on 8" signs in our neighborhood. EVERY single sign was stolen this morning!! Homosexuals say they teach love and happiness. In fact the word "gay" means happy! I have never in my life seen so much hate against people who are against same sex marriage. It's ok for them to steal our signs, curse at us, throw eggs at people, vandalize property and act very immature, but if we just say that we against gay marriage, we are evil biagits and haters! It is just so sad. I have been praying very hard for Heavenly Father to calm my heart because I get so worked up over it sometimes. I just pray that California will not fall into satans trap of distroying marriage.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A lot of people against Prop 8 are trying to compare it to the civil rights movement. Here is a very powerful video on how some people feel about that.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I haven't posted pictures here are some!!

Me, Emily(my birthmom), James (my half brother)

Sean and I outside the Saint George Temple. I was a very bright day...can you tell??

Our niece Nina found a new use for her stroller!

Sean and Nina. They love each other soooo much!

Chanel(my sister-in-law), Pam (my mother-in-law) and myself at Seans Great Aunts funeral

Ohre(Seans brother), Sean, and Mackenzie(Seans brother) at Aunt Clarices funeral

Amanda came down from Idaho! It was so good to see her!