Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow..let it snow....

So, they have been talking about snow all week on the news, and like most of the people in So-Cal, i didn't believe it. I went to work at Highland this morning and it really started coming down. I couldn't believe it. So we waited and waited for them so cancel school. They did sorta. It was a minimum day due to finals. The bell to get out was suppose to ring at 12:11. They let us out at noon! Big whoop...11 minutes early! I was so irritated all day! Whats the point of living in the AV if you can't get out of school for a snow day?!? Luckily, all was not lost and they cancelled school for tomorrow! YAY! SO, i get a lazy day with my hubby. We will probably be indoors all day watching movies and sipping coco! Here are some pictures I took today!

Coming home from the grocery store to make some goodies!

I think i look extremely WIDE in this picture. Sean assured me it was just because I had so many layers on and my coat was open...he's so good to me! =)


I love Joshua Trees covered in snow!

Sean at the park by our house

Boss really didn't want to go outside, but when he saw the front door open, he took off out into the snow. I think he forgot!

Im just very goofy


The Tomlinsons said...

WOW!!! We just got a little bit, but nothing that stuck!

Jenn Oldham said...

I can't believe it snowed in the AV! Good thing you have lived in Utah before and know how to handle it:P. I am here in good ol' Idaho Falls and man there is like a foot of snow here already:(

Tom, Olia and Nina said...

Nina was very excited when she saw your pictures, she kept saying Sierra (without rr's of course :)), and pointing to the screen. We love you, guys! Enjoy your winter days, we still buried here under 6 inch of snow, it gets melted a bit during the day and then freezes overnight.