Friday, April 29, 2011

Our little girl is growing up!

Brielle is already 4 months! She will actually be 4 1/2 this next Monday, so I figured that I better blog about her 4th month before she turns 5 months!
Brielle is still such a joy!! I LOVE being her mommy! We were definitely made for each other!

4 month stats
Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz (75%)
Height: 25 inches (75%)
Head circumference: 16 in (60%)

Interesting facts about Brielle:
* She just rolled over for the first time a week ago! YAY! She's only done it a couple of times since.
* She recently found her feet and even more recently, her feet found her mouth!
* She HATES tummy time! I mean loathes it. I always feel so bad making her do it. As soon as we flip her over, she's all smiles again.
* She has this fake cry that makes her look Chinese! And even the sound she makes sounds Chinese! Its so funny and Sean and I can't help but laugh when she does this. (Sean is 25% Chinese 75% black, so she does have a little bit of Chinese in her.)
* She makes all sorts of sounds. She loves the sound of her voice and she even growls! One time she growled and scared a lady in Walmart! So funny!
* She loves when Sean talks "gansta" to her. She'll laugh and laugh. Sean says the black in her likes it. haha.
* She loves to be tickled.
* She will just look at me sometimes and just bust up laughing. I gotta I really that funny or is she laughing AT me?
* She takes a lot of short naps, (30 min-1 hour) all throughout the day UNLESS we are traveling or running errands. If we are traveling or running errands, she will fall asleep for a LONG time. She slept all 6 hours to and from Utah and to and from San Diego. If I put her in her carrier, she will knock out in a matter of minutes. I think it's because I was working and so active when I was pregnant so the motion puts her to sleep.
* She goes to bed between 9 and 9:30. I know that seems late, but due to me working, I want her to sleep when I sleep.
* As long as I'm asleep, she'll stay asleep.
* She "snacks" all day long, so she still nurses pretty frequently, (except at night). But I really don't mind it at all. I'm away from her for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week....she can nurse all she wants!
* She LOVES to stand! I think she'll be an early walker.
* She has no interest in most of her toys. She would rather watch me and Sean or listen to herself talk.
* She is drooling like CRAZY! Maybe some teeth soon?
* She LOVES her Binky! And she loves sucking on her hand....but she hasn't found her thumb yet.
* She loves when I sing her the ABC's and gets the biggest gummy grin when I do.
* She loves to make funny faces.
* She smiles a lot but you would never know from pictures. It's REALLY hard to get a picture of her smiling because once she sees the camera, she just stares at it.
* She seems to be getting more bald every day, but we are not worried about it. I love her little bald head. Sean and I were both bald and when our hair finally came in, we both had a TON.
* Everywhere we go, people tell us she looks like a doll....and I agree!!

Beautiful Easter dress on a beautiful girl!

There is the little spazzy smile that I love so much!

Checkin out her Easter basket.

Yes, Brielle is a Laker fan too!

YUM! Toes taste good!

Mommy reading the book she got from the Easter bunny.

This little girl is so much fun. I still hate leaving her everyday, but going to work is getting easier. Heavenly Father has truly answered my prayers in giving me peace while I'm still working. And I've learned such a great lesson and that's to cherish every second I have with this sweet beautiful daughter of mine.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm a famous birth mom....kinda!

About 3 weeks ago, at the beginning of my Spring Break, I got a call from my wonderful social worker, Julie. Julie is retiring in September, which makes me incredibly sad, because I have LOVED working with her! She called me and said that some higher ups in our church, (the LDS church, or AKA "Mormon Church"), had picked her office (called LDS Family Services, which I used in the adoption of "C"), to do a special on. The special was going to talk about the services that LDS family Services provides. Well, Julie picked me to be the birth mom who spoke in it! This special was to air in between General Conference. General Conference is something that happens twice a year where our church leaders speak to us in a televised "conference". The whole world gets to see our prophet and his apostles speak to all the members all over the world. Its pretty awesome! Anyways, this special was going to air in between the 2 conference sessions! Well, they never told me it would only air in Utah. So here we were in California waiting for it to air...and nope. I had people texting me from Utah saying they saw me and my aunt called as well. But we never saw me! I was so disappointed! They filmed me in L.A., so you would think they would at least air it here. BUT....we did find it online. The whole thing was an hour but I'm in segment 3. The whole thing is great but if you just want to see me, it starts about 3:49 in segment 3! Sorry I have to take you to the actual website. It wouldn't let me post just the video.

Video Courtesy of

I'm so grateful for all the opportunities our Father in Heaven has given to me to be an advocate for adoption and for other birth moms. He has truly blessed me. If you would like to learn more about what I believe, visit

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Latest happenings.

SOOOO many things have happened in the last month and I kept wanting to blog, but just never got around to it. First off, Brielle had her blessing day on March 6th! She looked beautiful and her daddy gave her a wonderful blessing. Brielle turned 3 months! (even though she's 3 1/2 now.) I really can not stand her growing up. Its making me quite sad. Last we weighed her, she was about 13lbs. She smiles a TON and giggles! When we were in the car recently, I was in the back with her and she was looking at me and started laughing. That got me laughing. So there we were...nothing to laugh about...but Brielle and I were both cracking up! Love moments like that! She is the best baby. She's only upset if something is wrong.....which is only hungry and sleepy. Once you fix those...she's a happy girl. She loves when I sing to her and loves to be tickled. She has been such an amazing sleeper since I've gone back to work. She wasn't a bad sleeper before...but she woke up often when I was still home. She sleeps pretty good through the night now. Waking up either once or not at all. LOVE HER! We took Brielle on her first vacation! We went to Carlsbad for Spring Break this year. We had a nice relaxing time...even though it was raining! She had fun and my mom loved having her every day....and so did I! She went to Sea World for the first time and we just relaxed. I got sick again for spring break. Remember last year when I was in Cancun and got bronchitis? Well this year it was a sinus infection. Goody....i actually still have it...but thats a whole different post. I'm slowly getting into the routine of Brielle, work and school. Slowly but surely. I have many more things to blog about in the next stay tuned!
Brielle looking all beautiful in her blessing dress.

Our beautiful family.

Brielle's blessing day. March 6th 2011.

LOVE the spaz smile...its my fav!!

She is just to darn adorable. I can't stand it!

My family at Sea World

Mommy and Daddy

My two favorite people

I love Brielle's face in this one. Especially because we were in the shark encounter and I love how uncertain she looks.

Daddy and Brielle got to hang out all day at Sea World!

Brielle's first time at the beach. It was nice...but no not enough to get in the water.