Monday, February 9, 2009

My little bro....all grown up!

This last Saturday, we had a little celebration for my little brother Elden and his new wife, Chantell. They were married on Oct. 29th 2008 in New Mexico. We had a little party for them to celebrate and just invited some family over and a few close friends. It was fun and I'm so happy to have another sister in law.

Uncle Sean playing with the kids

My cousins Rebecca and Elizabeth came from Ridgecrest.

The beautiful couple.

Nina and Anthony sure do love each other!

These 2 were the stars the whole night!


The Fergy Bunch said...

I still can't believe how grown up he & Jeremy are. It seems like yesterday they were going door to door trying to con people into giving them money for "Scout Uniforms". LOL =) I'm glad he's happy! =) Now all you have to do is get Ben married. LOL =)

The Tomlinsons said...

That looks like it was fun! Send our Congrats to them!

Jake & Rachel said...

I'm so sad we missed it. That cake is beautiful!! And Elden's step-son (that is just crazy to say) is SO CUTE! As is Nina! You all make beautiful babies!