Monday, June 15, 2009

Need to VENT!!

Ok, so today has just been "one of those days". We've all had them. The ones where you are just annoyed at possibly everything in the universe. Well, i'm having one of those today. I just needed to vent at the things I'm annoyed at:

1) This weather! It's suppose to be summer. I wore a sweater today(so not right). I went cherry picking with my class in Leona Valley, and I promise you it was 40 degrees with the wind chill. HORRIBLE!

2) That Sean didn't get hired for summer school and NO ONE in this Valley seems to want to hire an intelligent man such as him. But they will hire child molesters. Remember the guy from Winco that got 30 years in prison for molesting two little girls?! yea...and Winco wouldn't even hire me 3 years ago...but they'll hire THAT guy. Go figure.

3) That I should have my masters degree by now. But NOOOOOO....i'm still working on the Bachelors. And the best part is...i may finish school and not even get a job because of this GREAT economy!

4) That all of our good friends live far away. So I have no one to vent to in person. I have to do it on blogger. Very annoying.

5) That I do not have ANY clue when Sean and I are going to have children. It's very frustrating and I'm REALLY trying to be faithful, but it really gets me down sometimes not knowing when.

**just a side not** I really think this weather is what is making me so annoyed at everything. Maybe when the heat decides to show up, my attitude will go up as well.


The Fergy Bunch said...

First off *HUGS* and second off, the weather and economy is getting everyone down, so you're not alone! Satan sometimes hits us hard when we are already feeling low, it's his way of trying hard to make us feel lower. You're a strong person and you will pull through all of this just fine. *HUGS*

Olia said...

I have to give you detailed answer to this post. I seriously wish we never had moved from Lancaster, I miss talking to you so much! I was even trying to convince Tom several times to sell our house and move back, he won't listen to me, boo!
2) It really sucks that Sean did not get hired. He is such a great guy! But look on the bright side, maybe he'll have more time to work on his music. I had to let my ambitions with Tom go after he said that he rather work on his website than work on Masters. Sometimes you just have to believe in people for better.
3) I thought the same thing after we were driving from Lancaster the other night - great I'm stuck with student loan that could have buy me a nice new car and instead I might not get chance to get a job for another 10 years or so.
5)You such a wonderful Mommy, I'm pretty sure it will happen sooner than you thought.
And just to cheer you up - look at my blog's playlist at song titled Bella's lullaby :)
Love ya!

Everts said...

I'm sorry to hear about all this yuckiness. It is too bad Sean didn't get the job but maybe HF has something else in store for you. Just keep praying and tell HF how you feel. This weather is annoying and such a bummer. As far as school, just be grateful you have the means to attend and that you are so much closer in any education than most people ever get. I am jealous you are in school!! I wish I could be!! Be patient and it doesn't matter if you get an amazing job at first, once you finish. The Lord has commanded us that we educate ourselves and you are. He will bless you in ways you thought he wouldn't or couldn't. I know we are not very close but I think we have more in common than we realize. If you need to talk to someone, I am always here. :) Living far from friends is hard. I've been there. And the Lord will bless you with kids. It will happen. Just keep having faith and trusting in him!!

Jake & Rachel said...

Hey you could come visit me, we've had 113 degrees of sunshine for the last month! And it's been 90 since Feb. lol so I know how the weather can get you down, it does suck. Hang in least the Lakers won! It could be worse :)