Monday, June 15, 2009

Hope Ya Know, We Had A Hard Time

I have such a good husband. He saw that I was not having a good day, and being the great priesthood holder that he is, he offered to give me a blessing. After that, he had me watch this video. Of course I cried and now I have a headache, but it was worth it to get this message. So, please excuse my bad attitude in the previous post.


Jessica said...

This video was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it!

The Fergy Bunch said...

That video made me cry too, it was a great reminder. You have a wonderful husband, I'm glad he was there for you.

Everts said...

Of course I cried too when I first saw this. It is beautiful. We when start to think when we are having it hard, we forget there are other who are too. It will pass. What a blessing it is to have a husband that will help you and use his Priesthood when it is needed. Way to go Sean!