Monday, June 8, 2009

Good weekend and lots of pictures

I started work again today. I had a week off before summer school started, and now i'm back at Highland. Not so thrilled...but we had a really good weekend! Thursday we went to Barneys Beanery in Burbank to watch the Laker game. If you cannot be at the actual game Barneys is the next best place to be! It really is like being at a game. We had to get there 3 hours early just to get good seats! But it was so worth it to see LA kick Orlandos behind by 25 points!!
Friday, Seans brother Ohre graduated with his AA from College of the Canyons. We are so proud of him. He is going to UTI this fall.
Saturday, I got to take Nina to my co-worker/friends daughters 3rd birthday party. Zoe (the bday girl) grabbed Ninas arm as soon as we came in and started dragging Nina around. It was pretty cute.
Sunday, Sophia got blessed in church! We went up to Tehachapi for her blessing.

Good weekend!

Representin LA ALL DAY!!

Go Lakers!

This is my "I'm So Happy The Lakers Won!" face

He be super smart

All about Ohre

The family

Nina and her new friend Zoe

Ninas been doing this "copying" thing where she copys EVERYTHING! I layed on the floor and put my hands up like this, and she copied me! It was so cute!

Thompson family after Sophias blessing

The "rambo face"...they are so weird! haha

The girls!


Emily said...

I am sooo happy Sophia was blessed!! She is beautiful! Hey and tell your mom that she looks AWESOME!!!!!!

Jenn Oldham said...

I need you to come out here and give me a make over! You always look SO great!