Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Daddy!

Brielle and I had a first week without daddy! Sean went back to work last Monday. He had 5 weeks off with us, which was AMAZING!! Since Brielle was born December 18th, and the last day of school was December 17th, Sean got the 3 weeks of Christmas Break off and then he took off another 2. It was so awesome having him home. He got to bond so much with Brielle and he was my little servant when I was nursing. He'd bring me food, water, the remote, whatever I needed. We were sad when he went back to work, but we already visited him twice for lunch! We just missed him too much!

I'm so grateful for my awesome husband! When Sean and I first got married, he made it very clear to me that no one was going to "wear the pants" in our family. We were going to "wear shorts" together, be equals. He has proven to me throughout our marriage that we are equals and a team. Not that I doubted his daddy skills, but he has shown me again that we are "wearing shorts" together. We are raising and taking care of Brielle together. None of the, "well your the woman" stuff. I'm sure if he had boobs, he'd nurse right along with me! Ha ha, I know that sounds funny but that's really the only thing he can't do for her and I know he wishes he could help feed her. So, Sean is a super daddy and a super AWESOME husband! Heavenly Father was really looking out for me in the marriage department!

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Derek & Naomi said...

That is so awesome! There is nothing more wonderful than a man who loves and treasures his family. Brielle is so luck to have you both! I know I say that all the time but it's because it is true! One of the greatest blessings we can give our kids is a mom and dad who love each other dearly. There is so much security in that! She is so beautiful, I hope one day to meet her in person!