Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010...and hello 2011!!

I really can't believe 2010 is over! I must be getting older because the years are starting to fly by and I must's a little scary! So, I'm really trying to enjoy every moment!

2010 started off with some ups and downs. In January, we found our first home! A month later we got the keys and it's still unreal sometimes that we own a home. In February, we were excited because we found out we were pregnant again! Sean started telling people right away, but for some reason I had a really bad feeling about telling people and I was right. On Valentines Day, we lost another baby. I had almost given up on being a mom anytime soon. In March, we took a much needed vacation to our favorite spot, Cancun. So much healing happened there, spiritually and emotionally. In Cancun, I told our Father in Heaven that I would except any way that my children had to come and at anytime they needed to come. That was really hard for me to do. But if there is one thing I've learned in life, it's to except whatever God has in store for you with a smile. It makes life a lot happier and easier. A few weeks after we got back from Cancun, I suspected I might be pregnant. If I was, it would have happened in Cancun. BUT....I wasn't suppose to ovulate until 2 days after we got could it be possible?? It was!! God had truly blessed us!

Just the pregnancy and birth of our sweet daughter has made this year the best year so far. We feel SOOOOOO extremely blessed to be her parents. Many people tried to give us so much negative advice and opinions about parenthood before our little girl was born. But Sean and I weren't buying it and we will continue to not buy into the negative mumbo jumbo. Having to struggle to become a parent makes it just a little more special to us. We are eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father for knowing what was best for us and to allow us to have struggles so that we can better appreciate the blessings.

Happy New Year To All!

Sean, Sierra & Brielle


A Life Being Lived said...

What a beautiful post. May 2011 bring you so much joy and wonder as you watch your baby girl grow!

Jake & Rachel said...

Just what I needed to read this morning, you are such a pillar of strength! Happy New Year to your little fam!