Sunday, January 9, 2011

More hospital pictures of Brielle

More hospital pictures of our sweet Brielle. They are not really in order and I would have added more but blogger is only letting me add one at a time. But here is out little lady when she was brand new!

Look at that double chin!

Auntie Olia and her Baba (Ukrainian grandma)

Happy grandparents!

Snuggling with my love bug.

Love our little family.

Auntie Chanel

Grandma is very happy!

First bath=a very unhappy baby!

Just newly entered the world!

A very proud daddy


Derek & Naomi said...

That's awesome! Such wonderful memories! I can't believe how beautiful you look after just having a baby! Can we switch faces for my birth? :) Just kidding, but Sean is one lucky guy to have two beautiful ladies who love him so much! Thanks for sharing! She is so lovely!

A Life Being Lived said...

gorgeous photos and gorgeous mama!