Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One week countdown!

I can't believe this little girl is almost here! This has seriously been the quickest pregnancy. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow! Insane!

Almost 39 weeks!

This pregnancy is way different then my one with "C". Not sure if it's because of age. I was 22 when I had "C" and 27 with this one. Or because it's just a different pregnancy. I know the thing that is the most different is I'm carrying her super high compared to "C" and I can't breathe most days and would die for an oxygen tank! HAHA! Here are some of my stats as of 39 weeks.
* I'm dilated to 2.5 and 80% effaced. I just went to the doctor today and I've been the same for the last week. We are really trying hard to make it to my "new" due date, 12/16, because Sean goes on Christmas break 12/17. So keep your fingers cross that she waits a little longer!
* She moves like crazy and still loves to stick those feet in my ribs! Another thing I did not experience with "C".
*I've gained 27 lbs. I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't gained more because I feel huge! But, I'm not disappointed at all. Maybe if I'm lucky, by the time I have her, I'll be down to 25!
* Doc says she will most likely be a 7-8 lb baby. I don't know how they can tell this by feeling your belly, but that's why he's a doctor and I'm not.
* Doc says I'm not very big outward, but I'm carrying wide. Which I totally agree!
* I've been sleeping A LOT and not nesting at all. I really hope the nesting thing kicks in, but if not....oh well. I'm really trying to relax so I don't put myself in labor. But if I haven't had her by next week....I'm doing everything I can to get the show started!
* Next appointment is my due date, 12/16 and doc says he'll sweep my membranes if I haven't had her by then.
I'm actually kind of sad that the pregnancy is almost over. I feel so womanly when I'm pregnant. Even though I feel huge, I love having a belly! Sean loves my belly too! But we can't wait to meet this little girl. She really could be here any day (even though we are hoping next week).


Stephanie said...

That is so awesome. I'm kinda jealous that I didn't hold baby V in as long as you have. I check your pages often every day becuz I just can't wait til you have that baby girl. I'm so happy and excited for you and this just warms my heart. You were there for me so much through my pregnancy with Vayden and all I still think about is, if your baby would have stayed and mine would have lived we would both have 18 mo old babies right now. What makes the story even more amazing is that now 18 months later I have a 2 wks old baby and your lil one is coming within the next wk or so. We have been blessed and I feel closer to you because of all of that. love you


Jenn Oldham said...

This is all so exciting! I am so happy for you! I think you will make a fabulous MOMMY!!!! Seriously, you are one of the most selfless people I know! Anybody who can place we child is very SELFLESS! I am excited to hear about all the events that unfold! Good luck!

StefanieJinelle said...

This has gone by really fast! Congrats!! I'm sooo excited for you to have your little girl :) And I'd be lying if I didn't say I was jealous. Because I am! Good luck with everything! I can't wait to see her cute face!

Mandi Snider said...

Good Luck!!! You are too cute Sierra! I hope everything goes good and I can't wait to see her in December when we go home!

The Tomlinsons said...

Good Luck!!!!

Tara Barros said...

You are so cute! Good luck!

Didi & Jason said...

Wow only one more week. Yay! You look so good for being prego. Enjoy the carrying wide. I didn't have that luxury and my 9.5 pounder left we with many stretch marks. But I still love her. I can't wait to see your lil one. She will be so beautiful. Love ya girl!

A Life Being Lived said...

So excited for you and Sean! You're at the finish line! Wishing you a relaxing rest of your pregnancy!

Derek & Naomi said...

Sierra! Believe me when I say, you are the PRETTIEST pregnant woman I have ever ever seen! I am so excited! I can not wait for you to have your beautiful girl!! It is going to be absolutely wonderful!