Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am grateful for adoption

In light of National Adoption Month AND Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share some reasons why I'm so grateful for adoption.
*Adoption gave me my family. I have been so blessed. I have a family that loves me more then anything and I have had a wonderful life.
* Adoption allowed me to be sealed that family.
*Adoption taught me that family doesn't mean "flesh and blood". Family means love and support.
*Adoption has made many people love me, including my birth family.
* Adoption made it possible for 2 women to love me very much, my mother and my birth mother.I'm a lucky girl!
* Adoption taught me to put my own sons needs before my own. It was a hard lesson but well worth it.
* Adoption has taught me that I can get through anything. I have had many trials, but none harder then becoming a birth mom.
*Adoption helped me learn how much my Father in Heaven loves me.
* Adoption allowed me to become closer to my Savior.
*Adoption has given me a reason to be an advocate for something. Adoption can be a positive and beautiful option.
*Adoption has made me a better person. I'm more empathetic and have a softer heart.
*Adoption led me to where I am today.
*Adoption helped me see that in the grand scheme of things, we are ALL God's children anyways and we will all be together again someday.
*Adoption is who I am, and for that, I am grateful!

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The Fergy Bunch said...

Great post Sierra! You always were a strong woman and your experience has only made you stronger. You are an amazing person!