Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's here!!!!

Sophia Helena was born at 12:13 this morning weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 18 3/4 inches! Olia did a great job and we barely got to the hospital in time!

She had been contracting all day. She arrived at our house a little after nine. She said her contractions were about 10 minutes apart. She told me to go get some rest before the fun started. I couldn't really sleep because of me nerves. At 11:30, my mom comes in and tells me we need to get to the hospital. I was like, "what?? all ready?". So, I quickly got dressed and Tom, Olia and myself are out the door.

We got to the hospital about 11:45. She got checked into triage, and I had to wait in the waiting room until she was brought into delivery. I texted Sean at 12:06. Not 10 seconds later, Tom came out and got me. I asked he what she was dialated to. He said a 10!! Woohooo!! I get in the delivery room, and it's all a buzz! She had one contraction when I was in there, and the nurse told her that the next one she could start pushing. So, during her next one, she started pushing and 3 pushes later, Sophia was here! I'm so happy we left for the hospital when we did!

Seeing a birth of a baby is such and amazing thing. And Olia did it all drug free, which was her request, not that she had time for an epidural anyway!=) I'm just so happy and blessed that she is a healthy baby. She has darker hair then Nina. It will be fun to see who she looks like in the next few weeks. I will post pictures later today. And thats if I'm not past out from exhaustion! I got into bed at almost 3 am and woke up at 7:50!! What the heck! But i'm excited to it's hard to sleep.

You did so great Olia! I'm so proud of you!


Jake & Rachel said...

You're such a good Aunt Sierra! They are lucky to have you. That's neat you were there for the birth, I've always wanted to see but at the same time I'm kinda a baby! Congrats to Tom and Olia, I bet Sophia is beautiful.

The Strong Family said...

you guys have the cutest little family! I love your blog? sounds like you guys have moved from lancaster? Congrats to olia!

Sean and Sierra said...

Oh no...we still live in Lancaster. ONE day...we will escape! haha

The Fergy Bunch said...

I am so excited about her quick delivery and healthy baby. I look forward to seeing some pictures. Tell them congrats for me! =)

Hey you know what? This whole time I thought you weren't posting anything new and then I discovered that you disappeared off of my blogging list - your not the only one either. I'll put you back on so I can keep up with you guys! =)

Emily said...

Congrats to Tom and Olia. What a beautiful baby girl. Nina is going to be a great big sister too. Give my love to Tom and Olia.
Love you guys!!!