Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial weekend and my new addiction

Sean and I had a great 3 day weekend this last week. Friday, my best friend from college turned 25. I still can't believe it! When we met, she was 18 and I was 19. That seems so long ago! Then Saturday, Sean and I had a nice date night, then we went dancing again with some friends. It was really good exercise for my legs! Sunday after church we got to see our beautiful nieces!! We just love them so much! They are such dolls! Here are a few pics from our 3 day weekend.

How precious is she!?

I love being and auntie!

I have the most handsome husband in the WHOLE world!

Going dancing on Saturday.

Kristals bday party. My coworkers, me, Kristal, and her co workers

Before I end this post, I have to add one more thing....I am cursing Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight saga!!!! Ok, not really....I am just SOOO intertwined in her books! I can't put them down! I am on the 2nd book, "New Moon". I started last night, and I am already half way through! What is wrong with me?! HAHA. The last time I was obsessed with something, was when I was 12, and it was NSYNC! Now I'm 25, obsessed with books and movie. So PATHETIC! And I know I jumped on the ban wagon kinda late, but I will admit it now, I'm a Twilight freak!! Sean is not even the least bit annoyed. He actually encourages me! "Go ahead, buy this babe. Buy that!" What a wonderful husband I have...fueling my addiction! =)

ps. I can't wait for the New Moon movie. 11-20-2009!


Everts said...

I LOVE Twilight too, don't worry. I am a little bit more obsessed with Harry Potter though. Which doesn't make it any better. I'm excited for the movie too!! Cute pics btw. I love memorial day!

Didi & Jason said...

haha...I have yet to read any of those books. I just might be the only girl out there now that you have been sucked in! Lol, but I did watch the first movie and it was really good. You have such a cute lil niece! How babies are great. I miss ya girl. I love that you go dancing...wish my man would!

Jessica said...

Don't worry I jumped on the bandwagon late too! It took be four days to read the entire series! Talk about ridiculous and no sleep at all! I kept justifying it because at least they were good books right?! :)

Pip said...

Newborns are SO CUTE! The baby looks so tiny & adorable, that's a cute picture of you holding her!