Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nina and Olia are gone!

Our last dinner with Olia and Nina before they left for the Ukraine

So, our dear Olia and Nina are in the Ukraine! They left yesterday and arrived today. They will be gone till July 22ND. Tom will join them on July 4Th. One day before Nina's first birthday. Despite having some problems on the plane, (don't fly with any Russian airlines), everything went well and she is with her family. I got a calling in church as the Valiant 11 and 12 teacher in primary. I taught my first lesson today. It was an interesting first experience. But it will be a fun experience. My mom is the primary chorister so it will be fun to be in primary with her.


The Tomlinson's said...

She is a cute baby, and it looks like she is adored by the entire family! Congrats on your new calling! I bet those girls will idolize you!

Jenn said...

Yay for Primary! Richard and I taught Sunday School to the 12-14 year olds in our ward. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am glad we are moving=) Is that horrible of me to say. I didn't realize that your husband served a mission in Boise that is cool. When was he there?