Friday, May 16, 2008

We Have A New Graduate!!!!!

So Tom, my oldest brother, graduated college today! HOORAY TOM! We are so proud of him. We drove up to Fresno last night and spent the night. It was a fun little road trip, but I slept terrible in the hotel. And I always thought the Antelope Valley was hot, but Fresno was hot AND humid! Needless to say, we were dying with the humitity. But Toms graduation was at 8:30 am, so we missed most of the heat. Tom now has a degree in electrical engineering! Smarty pants! But we are so proud of him and happy that he doesn't have the heavy load of school anymore!!


Jenn said...

Hey Sierra! I see that you have a blog=) yay! I love blogging. You can check out my blog too. My link is

You are looking GREAT!


The Tomlinson's said...

That is great! It is always nice to be done with school. Fresno is hot , Logan was just cold!!! You know we loved Logan. Tell Tom Congrats!

Lanaya said...

Well said.