Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New York New York!

So, I get the chance to go to New York tomorrow! I will go Thursday through Monday! Im going with my girlfriend Kristal. Her dad is going with his work and they told him to bring a couple of people. So, Kristal and I are going...all expenses paid! I'm so excited! I've never been so this will be a new experience. The only downside is I won't get to see Sean for a few days. This will be our first time apart. =( sad! But it's for a good reason! =) I will post pictures when I get back! New I come!!


Ashlie Yost said...

Miss Sierra I love New York. I went last summer with my family. Its a blast. P.S. I miss you. Take a vaca to Utah :)

The Tomlinson's said...

That is great! i hope you have. I want to go on a vacation, I guess I need to sell my home first. Have some fun!