Friday, July 13, 2012

Brielle; 18 months

Since Brielle will be 19 months on July 18th, I want to post about her cute 18 month self.

                                      These pictures were taken at the Santa Barbara Zoo

       Our sweet Brielle is growing so fast! She is the BUSIEST person I know. Literally, she does not stop moving unless she is eating, or sleeping. People must not believe us when we tell them, because we tell people how busy she is, and then they acted shocked when they see it in person. She makes me tired just watching her sometimes.

                                                             Brielle's 18 month stats:

* At her 18 month appointment, she weighed 23 lbs 14 oz (50%). Her height was 33 in (90%)
* Brielle is so tall that all her clothes fit kind of funny. Weight wise, she can still fit into 9-12 month clothes. Height wise, 18 month pants are high waters on her. Poor girl is going to have to deal with high waters for awhile. But we have been keeping her in a lot of dresses lately.
*She is SOOOO smart. Now, I know I'm her mom and all mom's say that, but seriously, this girl is a genius. At her 18 month appointment, the doctor asked how many words she knew. We guessed about 15. He was quite impressed and said that the average is 4 words for her age. We decided to count all her words after we left the doctor's office, and we counted almost 30!! The doctor would have never believed us, so I'm glad we guessed low. Now, she is close to 50 words!
* She loves to wave hi and bye to EVERY single person she sees. She is very social and my mom calls her Miss Congeniality.
*She has zero interest in T.V., which I definitely don't mind, but sometimes when I really need to get something done, I wish she was interested in some kiddy show. But nope.
* She loves to eat fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, are just a few of her favorites.
* We let Brielle have fruit snacks one day......that was a mistake. That's all she wanted to eat for the rest of the day. So, she only gets them on the rarest of occasions now.
* She is semi potty trained. When we see her start to push, we will say, "poo poo?". She will repeat the word poo poo and most of the time, she will hold it till we get into the bathroom. She also tells me when she has peed by saying "wet" and grabbing her diaper. We are not pushing potty training on her. We know she is still young and will get the hang of it soon.
* She still uses her binky. I was going to take it away at 18 months, but I decided not too. I try to do things in a loving and natural way with her, instead of just suddenly taking something she loves away. She mostly only uses it when she is tired and at night.
* She still nurses. I can't believe I still have milk!!! She stayed with my parents in Oxnard for 2 days. When they got back, she asked to nurse and I saw milk! I thought for sure I would dry up! The human body is an amazing thing! I am going to let her self wean. She asks for it less and less, so I know our nursing journey is getting closer to the end and that makes me kinda sad.
* She drinks almond milk instead of whole milk. I did a lot of research on this and the first few times she had whole milk, she threw it up. So, I talked to a few friends who had used almond milk instead of whole milk and decided that was the best for her.
* She has still only been sick once!! Yay for breast milk keeping babies healthy!
* She is getting hair! And it's curly! I love running my fingers through it.
* She will not let me put her hair in pig tails. She gets so mad when I try. But she will let me put bows and headbands on her.
* She loves shoes and you can often find her wearing my shoes or trying to put on her own.
* She loves to go for walks.
* She LOVES the ocean.
* She loves water and has had a great time at the water park.
* She loves other kids and gets so excited when she see's them.
* She likes to pretend to put on make-up like mommy.
* She has started the "mine" phase. Everything she touches is "mine".
* This girl is FEARLESS! She climbs on everything and jumps off everything. She gets so many bumps and bruises. She nearly gives me a heart attack every day. I just know that she will be my child that is always breaking something.
* When we say prayer, she will refuse to fold her arms until after the prayer. We are convinced that it's because she wants us to see her folding her arms.....silly girl.
* She finally started sleeping through the night about 1-2 months ago. I wasn't worried that it took her so long. It's something that each child learns on their own and it's a milestone that we are very grateful that she finally met.
* She loves to give kisses and hugs.
*She still has tiny feet for her age. Currently size 4.
* She loves books and likes to pretend to read them.
* Sometimes, to be silly, she will say "night night" and lay down and pretend to sleep wherever she is. I'm just glad she hasn't done this at the grocery store yet.
* She has all her teeth but her 2 year molars. BUT...the bottom 2 year molars are currently breaking through. I got all my teeth really early, so she takes after me.
* She is so beautiful and every where we go, people tell her how beautiful she is.
* She will not sit still to take a good picture. She is either making a funny face, like above, or staring blankly at the camera. But she really is the happiest little girl ever.

She makes Sean and I so happy. She truly is the light of our lives. And she brings so much joy and happiness to those around her.


Rich and Erin said...

What a little cutie! She sounds like such a fun little girl! We should get together for a play date sometime, her and Zeke sound a lot alike in a lot of ways! And I love how much you are enjoying motherhood and letting things happen naturally as they should. Your a good Mom Sierra!

The Fergy Bunch said...

What a little sweetheart!

Naomi and Family said...

Thank you for your comments Sierra! You are such an amazing mommy!! Your sweet little girl is just amazing too!