Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost half way there

I'm almost half way done! I can't believe it. This next Wednesday, I'll be 20 weeks. The time has really been flying by, but I'm really trying to savor every moment. I've kind of been having a hard time lately. I pinched a nerve in my back from sitting wrong, yes....from sitting wrong, and the last 2 weeks have been tough physically. BUT....I love being pregnant. I love life growing inside of me. Even with being in pain and only being able to take Tylenol, I still try to smile and be positive. Because you never know what life have in store for you.

When I was pregnant with my birth son, I was planning on raising him at first. But for some reason, I was in no hurry to get him out of me. I've heard many women say, "I just want this baby out." But I didn't feel that way with him. I treasured every second that I was pregnant. I now feel that was Heavenly Fathers way of having me bond with him, knowing that I wouldn't have him once he was born. Well, I feel similar to that with this baby. Yes, I'm raising her, and no I don't think anything is going to happen. But this is the only time in our lives that it will just be me and her. Once she's out, she'll have daddy and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. It won't be just me and her. So, I'm treasuring this time I have with her. This time when all she can really hear is my voice, my heart. I'm cherishing feeling her move and grow within me, because this may be the only other pregnancy I have. (I don't think it will be, but you never know.) So, I'm living this pregnancy to the fullest and really enjoying it. Yes, I can't wait to see that beautiful little face in person, but for the time being, I'm enjoying having our spirits bond and enjoying OUR time together, just me and her.

19 weeks and finally getting a little bump. BUT...if I suck it in really hard, my bump goes away! HAHA...but that's too uncomfortable, so I let it all hang out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An early surprise!

At my appointment last week, I mentioned to my ob/gyn that I had minor spotting. It was such a small amount that I wasn't worried at all, but thought I should mention it to him. Well, being the great doctor he is, he wanted to get me in for an ultrasound the next day, in which we could also find out the sex of the baby. Even though the baby was refusing to cooperate most of the time, we found out we are having......

A GIRL!!!!

We don't have any genital shots because she literally only let us look for a second before she stuck her foot back in her crotch. But we are thrilled! I had a feeling it was a girl. Sean thought it was a boy until the doctor told us we were going to find out the sex the next day. He said he immediately thought, we are going to have a girl. The spotting turned out to be nothing. Just one of those things. So, we found out Friday and decided to have a "sex reveal bbq" on Sunday. This was very hard on my mom to have to wait 2 whole days! But I decided that you never know whats gong to happen in life, so you need to make the most of it. I wanted to celebrate this baby because we have waited so long for her. Our bbq was a success and really fun. We had everyone guess what they thought the baby was. It was a dead even. We had a cake that was pink, so when we cut it and turned around, everyone knew it was a girl.

Her pretty profile

Her feet

Waving to mommy and daddy

The doesn't look that great but tasted YUMMY!!

When we turned around...surprise..the cake is pink!

Some of our guests. We fit over 20 people in our little house...but it was great to have the company to celebrate our little girl.

Some of my lady friends

We probably won't have another one of these because my mom about had an anxiety attack. I just think that Sean and I will have to go out and celebrate on our own next time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Is there REALLY a baby in there?

By the looks of my stomach, you wouldn't think so!

Here I am today at 16 weeks 2 days. My waist is definitly thicker. Pants are nice and tight and I even finally broke down and bought some maternity Forever 21! Yes, they have a maternity line now! But I'm just waiting for that day when I "POP".

I'm not worried that I haven't REALLY started to show yet. I'm quite aware that I have child bearing hips and a baby can hide quite well in between these hips of mine. I'm just tired of feeling bulky and I want to really feel and look pregnant.

Oh and P.S. I felt some movement last night. I would count it as the first real movement that I've noticed. =)