Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

7 months

This last Wednesday, I reached 28 weeks, which is the beginning of the 3 trimester. I can hardly believe it. This pregnancy is going by WAY too fast! This little girl is super active but never wants to move for anyone but me. Sean has just barely started to really see and feel her make big movements. I wasn't feeling very good for awhile, which was my thyroid and my doc bumped up my meds, but I'm still feeling I'm wondering if I need a higher dose of my thyroid meds again. Other then that, we are super excited to start the countdown to meet our little girl! I'm getting a little sad that it's the last stage of pregnancy because I've really enjoyed bonding with her. BUT...I can't wait to see her gorgeous face!


Creel Family said...

You REALLY don't look 7 months pregnant! It's not just hippy, you are barely showing! Hope all is well with Boss and your thyroid, we'll have to get together soon!

Derek & Naomi said...

Where in Heaven's name are you keeping your little baby?! You are beautiful! So glad you posted! I hope your doctor can help you feel better, you deserve to feel good! I am so excited for you, these next couple of months are going to fly! Thank you Holidays!!