Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another sick filled day

Today was awful! I was coughing so much and my lungs were killing me! But coughing is good cause it means I'm getting all that crap out of my chest. But it still hurts and is very annoying. How is it that me, someone who doesn't smoke, gets bronchitis as much as I do! 3 times in the last 5 years. Plus I had it when I was 6 months and it turned into pneumonia. Like I said, weak immune system I guess. The worst part it, Sean has it now! I feel so bad. He's never sick. I hate to see him this way. And I want to take care of him, but it's hard cause I'm trying to take care of myself. Anyways...enough talk about us sickies. How about some pictures!!

Seriously, Disneyland has the best ice cream on Main Street

One of our last times at Disneyland for awhile

Me and my cute hubby in Baldwin Park

This picture is so funny. Apparently that girl DOES NOT think I'm cool!!

Our last day using our season passes at sad! But we had fun going on all the kiddie rides!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being sick is no fun

For the last week or so, I have started to feel a little fatigued. Nothing too bad, just noticed I was a little more tired then usual. So, I think it's nothing. Well, yesterday, at work, I start to get a very scratchy throat. It really bugs me by the end of school. Later in the evening, I started to feel REALLY sick! Achy body, very fatigued,my scratchy throat was getting worse. I took some thera-flu and went to bed at 7:30, fully expecting to sleep it off and wake up and go to work the next day. I wake up this morning at 5:30 and I still feel terrible and I pratically have no voice! I sound like a frog!

If I want to get a sub and call in sick, I have to call the sub-finder system by 6 am. So, I knew they would just send me home, so I called in. I go to the doctors today, and not only do I have just one sickness....I HAVE TWO!! I have a sinus infection and bronchitis!! And if I didn't go in when I did, I could have had pneumonia within a few days! AHHH!! I hate being sick. I hate missing work....I really do. The only thing that annoys me about is the reason I'm always sick. As you can imagine, working with special needs children, there is constant sneezing, coughing and non-hand washing going on. We are always trying to teach good hygiene, but sometimes it's just not enough and I'm usually the one who gets sick at work. I am always washing my hands and using anti-bacterial.But I think my immune system is a little weaker then others I work with. The worst thing is that parents send their kids to school sick. If you are a parent with sick kids.....please PLEASE keep them at home. I know it's hard if you have work, but this is OUR job and we lose our sick time and if no sick leave is left, then we don't get paid for those days. It's so frustrating when you have to pull teeth to have a parent come get their child when they have thrown up, or have pink eye. Anyways, I'll be home the rest of the week. So, I'll probably be posting some more!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Antelope Valley Mall is getting my absolute most favorite store in the near future!!! Forever 21!! This most likely will not be good for the Kilpatrick bank account, but I have faith that I can be strong and just shop there on "occasion". It was confirmed on the Forever 21 website in the "coming soon" stores. And on the AV Mall website. I can't wait!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Momma

This past Monday (1/5/2009), my mom had gastic bypass. I know what your thinking...."WHAT?? SHE DOESN'T NEED IT!!". Trust me, I thought the same thing. But it's what she wanted and the insurance covered it. She came home today and she is doing great! She is feeling great and walking. My dad is having the same surgey on Jan. 19th. So, I'm about to have 2 very skinny parents!! I will post some pictures of her as the weight starts to come off!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year...New Pictures

The newest member to the Kilpatrick clan

Watching the Rose Bowl

Nina loves nachos

Hard at work New Years Day

My Boys

Happy New Year 2008

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello New Year!

The new year is finally here! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I have learned so much this last year and I hope to learn even more in the coming year. Here are some of the things I've learned in 2008 and the things I hope to learn/accomplish in 2009.

What I learned in 2008

* I am stronger then I thought. I always knew I was strong but the Lord had a few more lessons for me to learn.

* That everything is on Heavenly Fathers time.

* That the blessings of the Temple are greater then I could have ever imagined.

* That compromise is a MUST in marriage.

* That I can fall in love with my husband everyday.

* That friends and family change...sometimes for better...sometimes for worse.

* The atonement is real and forgiveness is achievable to anyone who truly repents.

* That I wanted to be a mommy sooner then I thought.

* That my husband NEVER gets tired of me crying on his shoulder.

* I am a little too hot headed at times.

Things I want to learn/accomplish in 2009

* Be more Christ like.

* Love those family and friends no matter what. Even if they have changed...I will always be there when they come back

* To take care better care of my body and mind.

* To not worry so much about certain things I can't change.

* To enjoy every second of my niece at her fun toddler age. She is only this age once.

* To not worry about becoming a mommy again. It will happen in time.

* To find ways to be more of an advocate for birth mothers and adoption.

* To go to the Temple more.

* To not be so hot headed.

* To enjoy this time with my husband before the babies come.

* To take more pictures. They are captured memories.

* To kiss Sean more. We already kiss a lot....but hey...a little more can't hurt! =)