Friday, July 10, 2009


Sean and I went to Vegas this last Monday for 4 days. We only went because it was free. We stayed in our free room at the Polo Towers from Monday till Wednesday. We decided to stay an extra day, so we got a cheap hotel room at Excalibur. And it was GHETTO! Which made it MORE fun! And despite all the crap that goes down in Vegas, there are a few perks.
Things I like about Vegas: They have a GREAT winter clearance section at Forever 21 out there. Does it ever get cold in Vegas?
I can get tan in like 20 minutes.
It is really fun to "people watch"!

Sean let me read some Twilight to him on our way there. What a good hubby!

The coke store on the strip..and they had Diet Coke apparel! MY DREAM!

Chillin on the strip

Our view at Polo Towers.

What do you do when you get a ghetto hotel room? Jump on the beds of course!

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The Fergy Bunch said...

You are so funny! LOL I love the bed jumping pic. LOL Glad you had fun!