Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just got finished watching the season finale of "16 and Pregnant" on MTV. This show really bothered me at first. I felt in a way, it was glorifying teen pregnancy. But the season finale was one that I didn't want to miss. It aired on Thursday and I DVR'd it. The girl and her boyfriend decided to place their daughter for adoption, against their families wishes. These two kids are so mature beyond their years. Having ZERO support from their families, and still making the best choice for their daughter.

I've had many people tell me, "I could never do what you did," when referring to me being a birth mom. I know they mean well when they say this, but I almost want to say to them: So...if you were in an abusive relationship, you would want to keep your child and put them in that horrible situation? If God told you that this dear baby belonged to someone else, you would not have the faith to trust in God's plan? If the baby's father left you, you would want your child in a fatherless home, and sealed to no parents? I understand that many married mothers tell me this. But married mothers don't understand. They have a stable situation for their children. But if they were NOT in a stable situation, would they sacrifice for their child?

Most people don't! Most people think it is more noble to keep a child in an unstable environment, then to have that child raised by someone who is not your blood. "Blood is thicker then water" right? I HATE that saying! I was not raised by my blood. Joseph, Jesus' father, was not his biological father. God was the Saviors biological father, yet Joseph loved Jesus as his own. The person that I am closest to in this WHOLE world, is my husband. Am I blood related to him?? Or course not! So, that saying means nothing. In reality, we are all Gods children. So, we are all kind of adoptive parents for God. When you are a birth mom and adopted, you really get a bigger picture of the whole world. Its not about blood. It's about love. It's about God's love and doing His will. It's about making it back to Him so that we can ALL be together as one big family someday.

"I delivered him from Heaven, from God's gentle loving care. I entrusted him to mortals, who have wished and prayed him there. They'll deliver him back to Heaven, where we'll meet again someday." -Cherie Call


Lechelle said...

Beautiful Sierra. Thank you for sharing.

The Fergy Bunch said...

Sometimes people are just really clueless and ignorant, especially when it comes to having children.

I am always amazed when people say things like, "I could never give up my baby", or I had one woman tell me that I had "ruined my body" because I chose to have my second child so close to the first.

If only those people would stop and think about how selfish it is to keep a child you can't properly care for when there are so many couples out there dying to have one but cannot. Or how selfish it is to not have more chidren, or at least close together, because you don't want to "ruin" your body or take on more responsiblities.

The decision you made to give your son to a couple who would love him and care for him in ways that you couldn't at that time made you the person you are today. You took your situation and ran with it and now you are helping so many others understand that there is another option - they don't have to abort the baby or go it alone. What a blessing you are in their lives.

I know that I am blessed because I have chosen to bring about 5 children in 8 years of marriage, giving up just about everything for these sweet spirits. It saddens me to know that so many women are missing out on the joy of being a mother, or helping someone else become one, for selfish reasons.

The time will come when you will be blessed with more children, one way or another you will have them. The Lord is very mindful of you and all that you have done and are doing. You are an amazing person, but then again I think all mom's/birthmom's are!!! =)

The Tomlinsons said...

Sierra, I admire you so much! You made such a hard decision, but you did it because you truly loved your baby more than yourself. We live in such a selfish world where many cannot understand selfless acts. I love your passion! Someday you will make a fabulous mommy!

Sean and Sierra said...

Thanks to all for the lovely comments. Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to be passionate about it, to get it through peoples thick skulls that adoption is NOT a bad thing! The world still views it that way...and I want to change peoples views!

Stephanie said...

Great post. I have many ppl tell me the same, that they couldn't do what I did, but one never knows what you can or can't do until the situation is starting you in the face. As i've said in my post about birth mothers, you are amazing, all birth mommies are. I never told anyone until after Vayden was born, but while I was carrying I knew he was going to pass and become one of God's perfect angels. And that is when I became calm, loving and my real strength kicked in. Wonderful post from a wonderful mommy

luv ya

Emily said...

Great post!!! I love being a mom and your birth mom!! As for my decision on keeping James and raising him alone; I couldn't do it again. And I believe that it was the plan that I keep him. Without James, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. And I don't think I would have ever met you, since I might still be "partying". You and James have been such a blessing. I love you both very much!!

Olia said...

That is soo true!