Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In need of a change??

If you ever need a change in your life...change your hair. I have had black hair, blond hair, red hair, red brown hair, black hair with highlights, brown hair with highlights...and the list goes on. I think that changing my hair color is fun. Sometimes I'll get stuck with the same hair color for awhile, so then I'll add bangs. I've changed my hair so much since I've been with Sean, that I now joke that he gets a different wife every few months. So, now when I go to the salon he'll ask, "am i getting a new wife tonight?" Here are the 3 colors I've had in the last 2 months!!

My newest hair color. I really like it! April 2009

Sean and I right after I dyed it darker. April 2009

It took me awhile to like this color. I actually liked it more when it faded a little.April 2009

The day after I dyed it. I didn't like it and was kind of upset. But Sean loved it...and that's all that really matters! March 2009

This brown will blond highlights is always my safest bet, and I usually always go back to this eventually.

By the way, this last time I went in, I had to cut 2 INCHES off my hair!!! I was not very happy but it was very damaged at the ends and needed it. I hadn't gotten a trim in over 6 months.(i get very attached to my long hair). So, I guess cutting 2 inches still isn't THAT bad, when you wait so long to cut it.


Jake & Rachel said...

haha, that is too funny about the new wife. I think you inspired me...I used to be so adventerous too! It's just hair, right? You pull it all off though, everything looks good on you!

Stephanie said...

Girl you change your hair more than I know. But it's always so cute. I really like the new color. Keep it for a while

I'm glad you found and follow my blog I didn't even know you had one so it's nice that I have yet a 3rd way to contact you.

Olia said...

I absolutely love the latest version!

The Everts said...

Haha, I am the same way. I actually always have blonde with brown but in different ways. I really like the latest version. All looks are pretty on you though!

Jessica said...

I'm totally digging your new color! I'm way envious...I'm always afraid to do anything too different...yet i always want to!

Didi & Jason said...

How cute! I love all the different colors. I get attatched to my hair too! I miss you chica!