Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cancun pictures...lots of them!

Here are some pictures from our trip. Sorry there are so many. But these don't even come close to how many I took! I just had a hard time trying to pick out the best ones! Our trip was amazing! It was all inclunsive, so not only were all food and drinks taken care of, so were tours. We also got free mani's, pedi's and back massages! And yes, Sean got a mani & pedi! Cancun was amazing and so was the resort! I have never been treated so well. We hope to go back soon.

First arriving at our beautiful resort

Biew from our Balcony

Taking a walk on the beach

The jacuzzi in our room! It was really fun!

After we put a little too much bubble bath in the jacuzzi!

Our dinning room where we played "phase 10" quite a few times!

Sean enjoying his food

This is how we got around the resort. The resort is HUGE! So, it made it even more fun to get to ride in "limo" style golf carts.

The entire 2nd floor in this picture was our preseidential suite! Can you see Sean in the middle?

Chichen Itza was such a cool place to visit. And it's one of the wonders of the world. It was really amazing to see. The only down side was it was sooooo hot!

Relaxing on the beach.

My view

The VIP beds on the beach that we got to relax on. They were so comfy! I had to make sure I didn't fall asleep in the sun!

Snorkeling at Isla Majeras

Taking a tour of Isla Majeras

This violinist played so beautifully. When asked what we wanted him to play, we requested "Danny Boy". It as so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

One of our yummy deserts

One of the MANY pools

Getting some sun at the pool on our last day

Leaving the resort lobby, on our way to the airpot


ACSanchez said...

Okay so fun!! How did you score such a treat??? I'm happy you are getting out and loving life!

The Tomlinsons said...

What fun! You guys look so happy, I bet it was a blast.

Didi & Jason said...

That looks beautiful!!!! So jealous....glad you had such a good time!!!

Jake & Rachel said...

That resort is gorgeous and the jealous!! My mouth is watering after looking at that yummy food. I'm glad you guys had fun, vacations are so necessary to unwind. I can't wait to see where you guys go next, your parents definately have the hook up with that timeshare!!