Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YAY for growing babies!

So, Im 14 weeks today and I have officially entereted my 2nd trimester! YAY!! It is still so hard for me to believe! Here are some of my stats from my 1st trimester.

When did you find out you were pregnant? April 17th. I only took a test because the day before, I got a massage and when I layed down on the table, my ta-tas were KILLING me! A light bulb went off in my head at that moment.

Whats your due date? December 22nd. I always vowed I'd never have a Christmas baby. But now with everything I've experienced, I can't think of a better Christmas gift!

Morning sickness? OH YEA!! It kicked in early at 5 weeks and lasted till 12. It had my couch ridden for many afternoons. It got really bad at the end, around 10 weeks and literally disappeared at 12. Although I still get nauseous when I'm really hungry.

Weight gained? 3 lbs. I'm trying really hard to not gain 1 million lbs but it was hard those first weeks being so sick to wanna get up, let alone excerise.

Hows the fatigue? It's good that I'm not sleeping for 12 hours anymore, but I'm still pretty tired.

Felt the baby move? I thought I felt "fluttering" the other day, but I wasn't sure. I felt my birth son at 16 weeks, so I'm expecting to feel this one soon.

Maternity clothes yet? Nope!! I can still wear my regular jeans. I don't look pregnant. Just thicker in the waist. Pregnancy is when I'm very grateful to have wide hips. The baby has lots of room in there!

I'm still peeing every 2 seconds and cry over silly things, but it's so great! I have now had 2 ultrasounds and heard the heart beat twice! I feel extrememly blessed!This pregnancy has been different then my first one, which I will probably blog about later, but it's such an amazing experience. I'm really trying to enjoy every second because I don't want to miss out on anything. Sean has been do great too. He did everything around the house when I was so sick and never complained. And he was always checking to see if I needed anything. Like when he went looking for chicken noodle soup for me at 11 pm!

And speaking of Sean, he gave me an early birthday present. 2 months early, but I don't care. He got me an SLR camera!! My first camera with a lens! I'm so excited to start really using it!

This the camera but I got this picture off the internet. I just got it last night, so I still need to really play with it. Isn't my hubby great??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So....I guess I drank some of that water!

Remember my post a little while back about something being in the water because I knew a MILLION pregnant people? Well, apparently I drank that water too! That's right.... we are expecting!!!

It's been very hard keeping this in, but I knew it was something we wanted to wait to share. First off, this came to us as a complete surprise. We were waiting one more month because of the miscarriage I had in Feb. And it happened in Cancun, which also was a surprise, because I wasn't suppose to ovulate until 2 days after we got back (sorry for the details).

First appointment went great. I thought I was going to die before my appointment, because I was so nervous they were going to tell me something bad. But the baby was measuring 6 days early, and everything looked perfect. I had my 2nd appointment today. Sean couldn't make this one because of his 2nd job, so my mom joined me. And since my nurse practitioner loves grandmas, she did another ultrasound for us! The baby was kicking and moving like crazy!! I'm 13 weeks today, but the baby is measuring 13 weeks 3 days. Heartbeat was perfect at 165, and this appointment really put a lot of my fears aside.

I've been really sick this pregnancy. I don't vomit, but I would get so nauseous, that it would make me weak. Lets just say, must days after work, you could find me on the couch for the remainder of the day. But it's all worth it. I started feeling better a week ago, and then I got a sinus infection and slight bought of bronchitis. So, I felt sick from that. But I am overjoyed. I'll take the fatigue and nausea any day, if it means I get to me a mommy.

And whats really interesting to me, when I wrote that post that I healed and excepted a lot of things in Cancun, I had no idea this was coming. It was almost as if Heavenly Father was waiting for me to except whatever He had in store for me. Some days, I still can't believe it. But I know this is truly a blessing. 5 years after I got a taste of motherhood with my first pregnancy, I finally get to have a baby of my own.

Our baby at 13 weeks

Friday, June 11, 2010

My last post was about Color Free and once again, I'm going to be the proud wife. Sean and his group did AMAZING at their show at the Key Club!!! I was SHOCKED!!! I've seen them perform at little things, but never like that. It was as if Sean was a different person. Which he is...he's iLLi on stage. I was so proud! Well, Color Free has 2 more shows coming up. One on June 13th at the Zanzibar in Hollywood. I will not be able to attend that one. Their next show is June 18th at the House of Blues in Hollywood and that show is FREE!!! Yes I said FREE!!! So, you all better be there!! Can' beat a free show!! Come see how amazing Sean is on stage!

And here is my hot rapper husband iLLi (aka Sean)