Sunday, March 30, 2008

wedding pictures

Well, where do I start? Many things have happened in the last few years. First off, I got married! I married the love of my life, Sean Kilpatrick on November 2ND 2007, in Valencia Ca. It was wonderful. The road to the wedding day was a little stressful, but once the day arrived, everything was wonderful! We then went on a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise for our honeymoon. I have now converted Sean to cruises!! Lets just say before the cruise, he has seen too many movies about cruise ships sinking! But we had a great time. We returned to lovely Lancaster and we are now staying with my parents. It is actually really great. It's so fun to have so much family around. My oldest brother, sister in law and niece live with us too! California is beyond expensive, but even if it wasn't, I would still live here. I love it! I now work at Highland High School with the special ed students. It has been a very rewarding career. So rewarding that I now would like to end up teaching special ed. Sean works at the Adult School where people get there GED. He likes it but we have opposite schedules. I work 7:00-2:30. He works 12:00-8:00. So, that's kinda a bummer, but he really enjoys it. Sean is working on his music. Him and his group "Color Free" hope to have there debut album out soon! And I can't wait because their music is really good. It's not like all the perverted crap that is out now. It's clean and has good lyrics and beats. I can't wait to get to see where Sean goes with it because he is so talented. Well, my new life is just getting started and I can not wait to see where it goes. At the end of this year, I hope that Sean and I will be able to go through the temple, which will be amazing! There is just so much to look forward too!