Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with with the new...YEAR!!

We got back from Hawaii a few days ago. It was AMAZING! It was my 4th time visiting the Islands and Sean's first. I will post pictures in a later post.

I still can't believe this year is over. It has gone very quickly. 2009 was a good year. I have learned a lot and I'm grateful for the blessings that 2009 brought.

Some highlights of 2009:

In 2009 Sean and I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Outside of California we traveled too:
Cancun Mexico

Las Vegas

Dallas/Lewisville Texas

Kauai Hawaii

Sean and I both started back up in school last spring semester. 20 more units for me till I get my Bachelors!

Sean and his hip hop group Color Free finished their album, which you can buy on itunes or!

We got approved for a house! We are taking our time looking and putting the situation in the hands of the our Father in Heaven. He will let us know when it's the right one.

It's always bitter sweet ending a new year and beginning a new one. 2009 was actually one of the easier and happiest years I've had in a while. I just pray that 2010 will bring happiness and hope to me and everyone else.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Relax.....

This is where Sean and I will be tomorrow for 13 days. Kauai.(My parents will join us in 2 days) This has been a VERY busy semester with work, school, church and everything else in between. I can not wait to do absolutely nothing and just relax. See you in 13 days!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So many emotions!!

I have felt many different emotions today. Today at work, a good friend of mine told me something that was very disheartening. I have worked at Highland High School for almost 3 years. Lately, I was curious to know if there have ever been any rumors about me. (Our school is known for the rumor mill). So I asked my friend if she had ever heard any. Thinking that I already knew this rumor, she told me. It was a HORRIBLE rumor! So horrible that I won't even repeat it to you. Another friend had heard this same rumor as well. They both knew it wasn't true and they said it started when I first started working there. I try my hardest to be a Godly woman at work. This Godly woman would be apart of. My first initial reaction was:


The rumor is so far fetched, that I was shocked that someone would even think of spreading something like that. Also, if it started when I first started working, that means the person didn't even know me! SHOCKING!! My next emotion:


WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE!?! My friends would not tell me who said it. Which was probably for the best. I'm known for confronting people who have said things about me, or done me wrong. Best believe I would have confronted this person. But I also have a feeling they don't work at our school anymore. My next feeling:


How can anyone not be hurt by rumors? They are horrible and I have always refused to be apart of them, because I have been a victim before. My next emotion:


I feel sorry for this person. I feel sorry for their sad life. Their life that apparently revolves around bringing others down to bring themselves up. What a sad sad life. At the same time, it amuses me that they would try to say something so ridiculous, that despite being hurtful, is still pretty laughable.

So, I'm pretty much over it, but I will say the shock is still there. Please don't spread rumors. Don't name call, or back stab. Why do women do these things to each other? We are all daughters of God. Lets treat each other that way. Jealously is so ugly. Instead of jealously, why don't we look for the good. All people have it. As for me, I will never know who started this hurtful rumor at my "professional" job. All I can do is continue to try to do the right thing and make sure that if someone tells me a rumor, it stops with me.

P*S* I used the cat images because at one point in our relationship, Sean was asked what animal I reminded him of the most, and he said cats in general....tigers, cheetahs, get the picture!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our lives captured

New Moon with my sissy! Yes i'm wearing an Edward shirt!

Sean and his other lady, Sophia

Laker Game with the hubby and Junior!