Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip to Arizona

Sean and I got to go to Arizona for a week. It was very relaxing and very hot! The Sunday Sean and I got back, we had to speak in church. So, Sean and I invited Seans family to come up from Valencia to see us speak. After church, we were all getting ready for dinner and my mom came in to the kitchen and said she may need to call 911 for dad. He was bleeding from his bladder and it wouldn't stop. I suggested that we call a member from around the corner to come and give dad a blessing with Sean. President Blair came right over and as soon as he got there, dad passed out. There was so much blood. I called 911 and my mom was crying. I had to get her out of the room. Sean and President Blair got him off the toilet and to the floor. I made sure he was still breathing. Sean and President Blair gave him his blessing and as soon as they were finished, my dad woke up and stopped bleeding. It was truly a miracle. And now the doctors can't figure out what happened. It was a very interesting Sunday and Im just glad that we were all there to help.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My trip to the east coast

So, I am back from my quick trip to the east coast. It was defiantly worth it! We had a very busy 3 days and I know I need to go back another time so I can see a lot more. One thing I will say that I can't stand is the humidity! I have been to the Bahamas and Hawaii and Cayman Islands and other humid places, but for some reason New York humidity is YUCK! It was in the 80's and I was sweating like crazy. I had to pull my bangs back every day. But other then that, I loved it!!